Monday, February 1, 2016

Movie Review : Prem Ratan Dhan Payo

Director : Sooraj Barjatya
Casts : Salman Khan, Sonam Kapoor, Neil Nitin Mukesh, Swara Bhaskar and so many supporting casts
Rating : 8/10
Music Director : Himesh

After a long wait, I finally have the chance to meet this royal family. With great songs of 90's and incredible cinematography, I must say the team already done a great job. It is a simple storyline like any other Rajshree's masterpiece yet this simplicity glued you till the end. And yes, I'm fascinated with Sonam's beauty and of course her wardrobe. Ughhhh give me your wardrobe please!!!

It such a pleasure to watch a great simple movie with lots of Indian culture and traditional outfit and what makes me amazed is where they're playing football in kurta and lehenga! How cool is that? 

I love Prem Dilwala & Kanhaiya scenes where I laughed and at the same time adore Prem's cuteness with Bapu. Like he's soooooo damn cute!!! 50 years old and still can pull out that cute side onscreen, AWWWWWW 

Romance in 90's style, in Rajshree's style I must say. I still remember how affected I am with Sonali Bendre's role in Hum Saath Saath Hain and Sonam did the same justice and give the same vibe in PRDP. She's totally nailed it! I mean, we all know Sonam is loud and hyper person. She laugh like crazy and all but in PRDP, being a Rajshree's heroin & a Rajkumari, she's a polite and decent girl. I mean say whattttt! She totally deserves all the compliment and the award!

I love everything in this movie except Sooraj like in his previous movies also always use ropes. I mean whyyyyyyyy. You ruined such a perfect movie. I hate the action and football scene. Why Salman have to fly so high just to kick a ball when we all know how capable he is to score a goal. But anyway, it's a great family movie to be added in your collection. Hope Sooraj will making another family movies in future. Congrats PRDP for all the awards and worldwide collection. 2nd grosser after Bajrangi Bhaijaan. Woot woot!!!

Movie Review : Tamasha

Director : Imtiaz Ali
Casts : Ranbir Kapoor, Deepika Padukone
Rating : 4/10

I am so disappointed with this movie. I have watched trailer and all their weird promos and I just said to myself, we have two talented actors in there so maybe it will be great instead of the flop collection. The trailer are not so convincing bcs somehow it just the same as Jab We Met. But it's okay I said, lets give it a try. And then, yesterday I did. And I disappointed. What a boring movie of the year. If I have watched this earlier, I will put this movie in my Worst Movie Of 2015 list. Really hate it. 

Idk what Deepika doing in this movie. She's not being paid and her screen time is the worst. She just delivered an easy role or should I say being a flower pot in this movie? Imtiaz should find someone else for the role. Someone like Pari who've been in cave waiting for an offer or maybe Diana Penty. It makes me even mad bcs people nominated DP in Best Female Actor for this movie but not Anushka in NH10, Kalki in Margarita With A Straw, Richaa for Masaan and Amy Jackson for Singh Is Bliing. She looks plain in this movie. Damn! 

Idk what's wrong with this movie. First half is dull until mediocre/average Ved comes out. I think it will be better if Imtiaz tell us why Ved decided to become a Don in Corsica. I mean out of sudden he's in Corsica and met with Tara. No explanation at all, it just left a HUGE question mark on my head. 

Most of scenes in this movie is messy. It's out of place. Lucky they have really good songs to ease me throughout the movie or else, I'll put only 1/10. Seriously I will. 

'Why always the same story' is the tagline but sorry to disappoint you guys, it just the same with other Imtiaz and romantic genre movies. Tskkkk there's nothing new in this movie. Same old Ranbir, same old Deepika. Same like Dilwale, it's a trash. Yuck. 

Talented Ranbir for depressed mediocre Ved's role, nice music album, beautiful Corsica and some funny scenes help this movie. Or else, I just shut it down and go for next movie. 

Friday, January 15, 2016

IMO : Sinki Sekolah

Recently there is a case where parents quite angry with school's management regarding sink. And I read it and I only can say WHY?!

Takde issue pun sebenarnya. Parents sekarang cepat menggelabah like seriously, sinki tinggi sikit pun nak meroyan serupa hilang akal. Chill. Bang, kalau anak abang bijak, dia cari kerusi dia panjat then dia basuh tangan. Me and my ketot friends did this when we cannot reach the sink for 6 years and no complaining. Nope. Takde pulak balik sekolah mengadu dekat parents sampai parents nak mengamuk jumpa principal bagai. It just a small thing like pleaseeeeeee. 

Instead of suggesting another task for teachers, why don't suggesting that school to built this. 

Students tak payah jengket2 ataupun tarik kerusi. Cikgu2 pun tak payah susahkan diri check semua murid basuh tangan. Tapi risiko sendiri la kalau anak hang main ayaq sampai basah lencun. Win-win situation kan? 

Thursday, December 31, 2015

Appreciation Token : My Fav Photographer

Before 2015 leave us with tonnes of memories, I want to dedicate this post to my beloved sister because her patience, redhoness and tabahnya hadap perangai kakak dia ni every single time I want her to click some photos. Well, of course not some. Kadang tu boleh masuk berbelas.


Soooo I guess I'll share my fav pics clicked by her :

1) Reason : For the first time ever, I pose like this. And I love the view. And I hardly to smile nampak gigi but I just did! Hey ho!!

2) Reason : Actually she was lazy to snap us bcs it's so sunny at that time so she's super duper menyampah but she just snap it. Thanks Mek Haaaaaa

3) Reason : Me trying to look hipster but fyi, it is in front of pubic toilet but she said 'eh lantaklah orang nak tengok pun.' It turns out great! Yeayyy! For me lahhhh.

4) Reason : I look beautiful in blue didn't I? Eheyyy her effort for this pic is bammm! Ambik dari atas, dari bawah, sana sini. hihihi

5) Reason : Idk why, I just love it. Maybe sebab nampak kurus kot. Kurus tak? 

6) Reason : Idk. She said 'Perlu ke ambil gambar dekat semua tempat hang pi?' I said 'YES!' 

7) Reason : My first attempt to bajet ayu. Aherherherher

Tbh, I quite shy to pose in front of camera but only with whom I'm comfortable with I can do this and that. So my adik basically one of my fav photographer. Ni collection gambar cantik, jangan ingat gambar buruk nak mati takde. My sis keji just like I am, bahan gambar buruk serupa takde hari esok. -.-