Wednesday, November 11, 2015

Movie Review : Phantom

Today I decided to watch this movie after waited for such a long time and PHANTOM did reach my expectation and it was great! Not just great but brilliant movie just like New York! Despite being banned by Pakistan and being criticize due to its content and negative reviews, this movie is actually the bomb! Negative reviews from haters and Pakistani or Muslim that think Phantom will insult them in movie like this. But hell NO! Phantom is telling us about terrorist organisation but use religion as their shield. 

My friends at Twitter know what level of trust I put in Kabir, Saif and Kat. Since the day UTV post the first still of Phantom, I cannot stop following about this movie. I love true events and I love Kabir's work. 

Director : Kabir Khan
Adaptation from : Mumbai Avengers novel by S. Hussain Zaidi
Cast : Saif Ali Khan, Katrina Kaif, Sabyasachi Chakraborty, Mohammed Zeeshan Ayyub, Sohaila Kapur, Rajesh Tailang

Synopsis : Phantom is a movie about India who seek justice after 26/11 attacks from terrorist. From London, Beirut, Syria to Pakistan, Daniyal Khan (Saif Ali Khan) and Nawaz Mistry (Katrina Kaif) try to track down the real criminal behind the attack and upcoming attacks at that time. 

With the concept of 'A Story You Wish Were True', Phantom brings you the best out of the best from Kabir's perspective of the attackers. Saif did justice to Daniyal Khan's character and so did Kat. As Kabir had mentioned before, Kat has improved in Phantom, and yupp she did. 

I love Saif-Kat's chemistry since they were in Race before. In Phantom, they have done their job beautifully and the small amount of love scene between these two agents in this movie actually makes me fall in love even more because Kabir keep it realistic. We can sense their feelings towards each other but they don't express it exaggerately. 

Phantom is an action genre movie which Saif and Kat had done such great thing. Love Saif's action scene when he is in prison and in Syria and also in Pakistan. But I'm not sure if Saif using double body or stuntman for that scene. Kat also shines throughout her action scene in Syria. But what kepts me wondering doesn't she feels uneasy with her hair at all? She doesn't even tie up her long hair except in medical centre. 

Salute for the suspense which make me glued and don't even blink especially when Saif press the remote for bomb at rally. Also other scene during their mission. Several times I said they're finished but Kabir make it the other way around but when I thought they're safe from danger Kabir proved me wrong. Hey ho! Big clap! I use my brain for this movie and I enjoyed it!

I am happy when Saif got a strong quote from this movie which is when he met Hareez Said with gun and said 'You always ask what India wants, what India wants. India wants... JUSTICE!' Woohoooo!

I love Pritam's work in Phantom's music. My oh my, it starts with Afghan Jalebi for promo. For the first time I heard it, I can't stop playing it then Saware come up and guess who sung it? Arijit Singh!! And it feels great when Kabir didn't waste his screentime. He put song with the movie ongoing with the strong content. The music always on point and heightened up my emotions. And it did brilliantly at the ending. I cried so hard watching the ending scene with Saware song was playing :'(

The supporting role are great as well. Even doesn't have many screentime but their acting is just perfect! But I hate it when Kabir end the nurse character by making her shoot herself after being caught by police. Suicide is forbidden in Islam, so how she will enter the Jannah and meet her son? If only Kabir ends her by being hit with a car when she runs away from clinic or any tragic accident. 

I love the ending which is not typical and emotional. With Saware at the background and Kat's emotion, I feel carried away and cannot stop crying. I cried even hard when Kat took a sip of tea in front of Taj as she and Saif had promised to do so after the mission end. I cannot control my emotion that time. Kudos Kabir and Kat!

I rate this movie with 9/10! Worth to watch and this movie definitely have something to offer! 

Monday, November 9, 2015

Movie Review : Nota

Lepas berbulan dan entah berapa kali cubaan untuk tengok movie ni, akhirnya semalam dapat jugak. Yeayyy me. Lepas tengok trailer movie ni, rasa excited teruk nak tengok. Maybe konsep saspen and minimalis yang dia tunjuk dalam trailer kot walaupun bukan peminat Maya Karin tapi excited jugak sebab content lagi penting. 

Director : Yasu Tanaka
Stars : Maya Karin, Hans Isaac, Ramli Hassan, Rin Izumi
Sinopsis :

Hubungan pasangan suami isteri, Kamal (Hans Isaac) & Erin (Maya Karin) yang retak kerana masalah zuriat. Erin terjumpa nota bunuh diri Kamal dan berasa bersalah dengan keadaan mereka lalu membuat keputusan untuk pergi ke Taman Bako, Sarawak untuk menghidupkan kembali rasa cinta mereka dengan bantuan pemandu pelancong, Jemat Ramli Hassan).

I want to talk more on synopsis but hell yeah I'm bad with it so just skip that part. 

My rant :

1) Beautiful Taman Bako, Sarawak. Dalam trailer pun dia dah tunjuk kecantikan Taman Bako. Nak pulak pulau dekat tempat Kamal plan untuk bunuh diri. I wish they have show more beautiful side of Taman Bako. Flashback dengan current pun tempat tu je diorang ulang. :(

2) Genre movie ni drama, thriller, mystery and stuff tapi tak thrill pun. Saspen pun tak, mystery je lah yang tinggal part si Jemat tu bukak cerita pasal isteri bunuh suami sebab nota. Entah masa bila entah si Erin ni ambik nota Kamal padahal Kamal 24 jam dengan nota dia. I wish director tunjuk scene masa Erin tolak Kamal and bukannya focus lebih bed scene Kamal dengan si M. -.-

3) Tak faham kenapa director always mute bila Kamal dengan Erin bergaduh. Feel dari scene tu patutnya tayang lebih bukannya scene Erin sembang dengan M tu. Bosan tau tak part tu. Dengan dua2 macam kayu. Dah lah tak minat Maya Karin, dia letak lama pulak scene tu. Duhhh

4) Movie ni patutnya boleh jadi short film je sebenarnya. Rugi screentime je tunjuk muka Maya Karin lama-lama, tunjuk ikan berenang dalam akuarium, tunjuk Maya Karin makan nasi lemak, tunjuk Maya Karin tenung tengkorak buaya, tunjuk Maya Karin tidur, tunjuk Maya Karin basuh nasi. Mehhh all about Maya Karin. Thanks for making Hans Isaac looks stupid for about an hour and half. Skrip pun paling mudah dalam dunia.

5) What's up with Maya Karin and thermometer? Can anybody explain that? It'll be great if director make a flashback on why she glued with thermometer. Not everyone is expert in medical field. 

6) Director nak buat si Jemat tu misteri habis tapi fail teruk. Pointless sangat part Erin menggelupur nampak Jemat dekat sungai. Kalau sinopsis dia, Erin yang bunuh Kamal, what's up with the mystery on Jemat? It'll be better if they show Jemat's ritual or Sarawak's customs. 

7) Kan bagus kalau director tunjuk keadaan Kamal masa kena tolak lepastu keadaan si M lepas dia makan nasi lemak Erin. 

8) Patutnya movie ni letak tajuk Erin sebab dia sorang je yang kena focus banyak dalam movie ni. Nota pun keluar berapa scene je. Macam mana polis tahu Erin yang bunuh pun tak tunjuk walaupun Erin gunakan nota bunuh diri Kamal tu sebagai shield. Tahu2 dia dah pergi balai pastu masuk penjara pastu meroyan pastu habis movie.

9) Dalam movie susah betul nak tengok laki bini ni bercakap. Lepas tengok kejadian ngeri, pemandu teksi kena bunuh depan mata pun memasing diam tak cakap apa. Ingatkan kes tu boleh buat diorang bercakap or jadi point untuk mesra balik. Lepas teringat part pegang tangan tu, habis kat situ je lah. Haihhh aku terlebih tengok Hindustan kot. 

Movie ni minimal teruk sampai tak tahu nak rasa apa. Serious. It left a BIG question mark on my head. My rate, 0.5/5. I hate it so much. Movie ni boleh pergi jauh tapi haihhhh 

Sunday, November 8, 2015

Movie Review : Brothers

First thing first, I am glad Akshay Kumar and Sid Malhotra agreed to do this film although it's a remake but this one is a great one. Maybe I'm not gonna watch Warriors since I already have Brothers. You need to have a deep interest to watch something that is big and heavy, right? And in Brothers they put 2 powerful and beautiful actors, Akki and Sid. ;)

Brothers is about two brothers having a huge fight due to their dad's mistake which caused death of their mother. A drunkard, street-fighter Gary Fernandes had been jailed for his wrongdoings but David and Monty Fernandes have to bear all his mistakes. Until one day, a man made a R2F competition and both of them selected. Monty has been trained by Gary Fernandes while David been trained by son of former street fighter, Pasha Ali. In final round, the Fernandes have to fight with each other. 

Likes :

- I really love how Sid being selective with his roles in a movie and this is the best performance he ever made so far in his career. He has made justice for Monty Fernandes character. A rage and lonely kid. 

- Supporting roles. Jacqueline, Shefali, Jackie Shroff and even Naisha Khanna also did their job beautifully. And oh, that small kid plays little Monty. They putting the emotion perfectly in the place. Jackie has made me annoy with his presence and that guilt omg brilliantly potrayed by him. Shefali? What else I can say about her. Even have a small screen time, she manage to nailed it. Naisha's talent is equal to Harshaali. Sama comel sama hebat and they're the future of Btown. Jacqueline being natural in this movie and I love how she prove that she's talented.

- Akshay Kumar? Do I even have to praise him for what we have done in this movie? He's perfect like he always did in other movie he act! So, thumbs up! But, I have only one question to him, does Akki love physics or what?

- I really love how Brother make every songs have story. I mean, Sapna Jahan tells us about how David and Jenny met and how they starting new life and have kids so on. Brothers Anthem shows their hardwork and effort in getting fit for R2F. They don't waste the screening time. They use it so well and I can't even move anywhere whenever songs pop up because I need to stick with it to find out about their story. 

- Fight scene. I am glad they don't use body double and actually fight in this movie. Aging actor like Akki may have issue to make real stunt but heyyyy we're talking bout Akshay here and no body double or stuntman needed. And Sid wow oh wow, you're amazing boy. I totally enjoy it! Woohoo!

- Emotional scene. I'm watching this movie with my family so I made a promise to myself that I won't shed any tears but I CAN'T!!! This movie is soooo damn emotional. I cried hard when the brothers fight with each other when David and Monty finally speak after their mother's funeral. 

Dislikes :

- I always love item song because it's catchy but somehow Karan Johar has made Bebo looks like slut in Mera Naam Mary. I love that song but the choreography is suck and Bebo trying hard to make she looks sexy but she's actually an auntie which is totally yuck. Facepalm on that. They should make that for promo only. This is the only song where I find it is not in it's place. I mean why that song was even there? Waste of space. Duhhhh

- There are some parts that was unnecessary and they should focus more on R2F or Gary's street fight or Monty's life after Mary Fernandes die.

Overall this movie is 8/10! I totally enjoy it and if I have watched it in cinema or better audio, I guess I can feel the goosebumps when R2F started.

Movie Review : Hero

First thing first, look what I have done to my gallery.

Yuppp penuh dengar snapshot dari movie HERO. Tsk dengan wujudnya manusia macam Sooraj, who need another hero in the movie. Sooraj dengan abs dia dah cukup nak cuci mata tanpa jemu. Semalam tengok movie Hero ni sampai 4 jam jadinya sebab gigih snapshot. Mehhhh too hot to handle. 

This movie apparently under Salman Khan Production and a remake from old Bollywood movie with Jackie Shroff as leading hero. Dengan rumours yang hebat pasal orang comparekan Sooraj dengan anak Jackie, Tiger Shroff, I think Sooraj have made a great debut in Bollywood. Nak comparekan Hero 2015 dengan Hero Jackie Shroff, I think I'll pass bcs I haven't watch it yet. And not interested to watch it bcs old stuff is not my taste. 

What I love :

- Cinematography. Kalau yang ni fail pun I still love it I guess bcs of Sooraj. Okay joke. Bab ni memang tip top! View semua cantik belaka. 

- Music album. I can say I love all Hero songs. 10/10 and plus 1 mark because of Main Hoon Hero Tera Salman Khan version. Me and my bolly girls love it soooo much! Goosebumps all the wayyyy! After Hangover, MHHT is another superb track from Salman. I remember how excited I am when hearing teaser of this song and gosh Salman released it early because people requested him to do so. I repeat like million times! Sorry Armaan Malik, I had to say Salman just nail this song perfectly!

- Fresh action scene. Not being bias to Sooraj but I totally love the action scene. It is fresh and not a common step from Taekwondo as we always watch in other Bollywood movies and yeah it is superb! Sooraj nailed it!

- Sooraj Pancholi. Just by trailer, he already made me fall madly, deeply in love with him. Comparing to Tiger, he just score too many stars and A's. Perfect body, perfect dancing skill, handsome hunk, hero's voice, killing smirk, deadly wink. OMG this sound sooooo bias but I can't stop. Critics said Sooraj is expressionless. Mehhh he already more than enough in this movie. He's a goon in this movie. How come a goon have lots of expression. -.-

- Athiya Shetty! OMG I totally love this girl! With her high fashion taste, talented acting and dancing skill and beautiful face in this movie, I'm definitely gonna be her fan!

- Comedy scene. Thanks to Athiya she just nailed this part. Love it how she made me laugh soooo hard watching this movie. And yeahhh I lol when she gaga over Sooraj's abs. Who doesn't? Heh

- Salman Khan Films Production. Why I'm saying this bcs you won't find any kissing scene or bed scene at all in this movie. Only almost kissing scene like 90's era and which is good because who needs that btw? I am glad Sooraj and Athiya debut under SKF and that too a debut movie under SKF Production! Woot woot!

 I’ve never done a kissing scene, so how can I ask Sooraj Pancholi - Athiya Shetty to do it? - Salman Khan

- Hot villain. Just like Sonu Sood, Salman did launch a super duper hot villain. But Salman didn't expose him in the promo! I hope he get many offer for any villain role because he just prove his existence in villain industry. Badassssss!

- Athiya's and Sooraj's chemistry. For a love cheesy lovey dovey movie, the chemistry between hero and heroin is the vital part and guess what?! THEY DID IT!! Although I hate Athiya for stealing my man and being romantic with him for 3 hours long but I grinning like an idiot watching them. Awww they're lovelies!

What I dislike :

- The movie is cliche. As I mention I didn't watch the original but still I can say that the original was the same. I'm expecting Nikhil to change it a lil bit to suit with current era but nahhhh.

- Weak script. Talent checked! Chemistry checked! Loves in the air checked! Music checked! Emotion checked! Action checked! But yaar, script nope naahhhh. Too weak to handle. Such a waste here because despite of everything, Nikhil choose to ignore the script. This movie can go further if the script was great.

- Although I love action scene because it is fresh but not that much because Salman being Salman. Exaggerate is in the picture. Tumbuk sikit dah pecah sana sini. I wish they tone it down because Bollywood now isn't the same as the 90's. Real action scene will do the talk here.

I rate it as 7/10! If you guys wants to watch a cheesy and romantic teenage love story, HERO is your must watch movie! Kalaupun tak suka movie, Sooraj ada sebagai penyelamat. Eheh